Andi Grant, Realtor or Glorified Tour Guide?

*taps microphone*Andi Grant Realtor Tours

Andi:  Is this thing on? 

Once at an office meeting, it was discussed how a couple would take yearly trips to various locales and would call the local Realtor in that city to show them around, under the false pretense they were relocating to that city within the next 2-3 months.  This couple would brag about how they never had any intention to buy and how it was a such great way to see a new city with little to no cost to them.  How oftentimes than not, the agent also occasionally treated them to lunch.  There was a collective gasp heard throughout the room.  I was appalled.  How unbelievably selfish for this couple to waste an entire day of that Realtor’s time, gas and money!

Andi:  …and to your left we have a 3 bedroom/2 bath home and history tells us that it will not pass city inspection due to the Mickey Mouse add-on job referred to as the “den” by the seller.

That of course was an extreme scenario, or was it?  It’s never been confirmed whether or not that particular story is a real estate urban legend, but how many agents have we heard complaining about how they are driving around the same buyers week after week?  They are showing homes that meet their buyer’s criteria of budget, size and locale, only to have that buyer not submit any offers, or worse, they appease the agent by submitting weak offers that would most likely never be considered?

How long is too long to entertain such buyers?  Are you pre-qualifying your buyers by asking the right questions to know how motivated they really are?  It is a two-way street and the bus stops here.

Andi:  This will be the last stop of our tour.  If you truly enjoyed your experience, tipping is not required but encouraged.  Thank you so much for using Andi Grant Tours.

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